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100X ROI

In order for you to find an 100x investment you need to know what are the investments that have done a 100x before and find something similar. So here are some example of 100x investment in the past.

Bitcoin price was around 0.05 in July 2010 now is around $30,000 meaning 600,000X ROI from its 2010 price. Meaning if you spend $1 to purchase bitcoin in July 2010 at the lowest point, today you have bitcoin worth $600,000. Find out what will bitcoin be worth in 2021 Check Price here and see how many X the price increase from the bottom to the peak in the previous cycles.

XRP in 5th August 2013 was 0.005921 today XRP is $0.54 meaning close to 100x 

Doge Coin price in 2013 December 16th was $0.0003348, today its $0.20 meaning close to 597x

Now you have seen Cryptocurrency have many cases of 100x return on investment, we would be using cryptocurrency to get our 100x.

I will share with you everything I know and keep updating this website whenever I learn something new. All I ask is you pay it forward and share this website with  your family and friends and we all grow together. 

Guide to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that works based on blockchain technology. The value of cryptocurrencies is determined by demand, supply and its utility. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available. You can purchase cryptocurrencies from crypto exchanges. The reason why people invest in cryptocurrency is to hedge against inflation and get high returns. When some government print money anytime they wish, it devalue the money which result in inflation. This is solved by using a cryptocurrency with a limited supply and price increase when there is a increase in demand. Because of the rapid increase in demand bitcoin is now not just a store of value or hedge against inflation, it is seen as a product with potential to increase in value greatly in the long run.

First of all I would like to clarify I am not a financial advisor, even though I have degree in economics and finance and have the certification for financial advisory services. All that I am sharing is for education and entertainment purpose only. I will share with you everything I know and keep updating this website whenever I learn something new. All I ask is you pay it forward and share this website with  your family and friends and we all grow together. 

How to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners

The easiest way to start investing in cryptocurrency for beginners is to visit one of the exchange and use credit card to buy crypto. I would use credit card to purchase a stable coin like USDT or USDC first, then using the USDT / USDC to purchase the coin that I want example Bitcoin / Ethereum / BNB / ADA / XRP / SOL / CAKE. This is because the coin price might be volatile and the exchange would need to set aside a bigger buffer for the spread for incase the price change, therefore it cost more to buy the coin directly. After you buy the coin you can either stake or lend your coins to get some rewards / interest the return usually range from 2% to 20% APY. Which is much better than putting your money in the bank that gives you miserable interest of less than 1% (0.05%).

Advance players
Some people borrow money at low interest rate (Request for cash out loan from their private property) and lend it out at high interest rate. If you don’t have a private property you can also sign up for a credit card and request for their balance transfer (the rates I got was 2.88% / 1.88% for above 35k / 1.99%+ $50) only take rates with reducing balance and remember to pay at least the minimum payment every month. Before it expire take another balance transfer from another bank to pay off the first balance transfer. Do note all investment have risk and its not recommended for everyone. The best is still to invest with money that you can afford to lose.

How to start trading Crypto

Binance – Largest Crypto Currency Exchange in the world with Low Trading Fee.

Kucoin – A lot of different coins to purchase. – Buy new coins and coin before it reach Binance and Pumps up.

Huobi Global – Get up to $170 Welcome Bonus

Coinbase – Get $10 at you trade $100 on the platform

Changelly – Fast and secure way to exchange and purchase 150+ cryptocurrencies. 24/7 live-chat support.

Guide to cryptocurrency trading

There are 2 main ways of trading, short term and long term.

Short term trading
Trend / momentum trading
is trading when the charts are moving towards a direction for a short duration and always set your stop loss for incase it turns against you. On a bullish trade there should be a higher high and higher low, adjust your stop loss to the higher low, if it breaks the higher low it means its no longer a up trend. 

Swing Trading, when the price of the coin just keep swinging up and down within a range, this is my favorite. Buy when its on the bottom of the range and sell when it goes up. Sell / Short at the top of the range and buy back when it drops. Do remember to set stop loss at half or 1/3 of your take profit amount, for incase the trend breakout in the opposite direction of your orders.

Guide to cryptocurrency investing

Long term trading
Buy when the price is under value. Crypto is very volatile, its easy to lose 50% or even 90% of the value of the coin during bear market. So you can use that to your advantage, buy when it crashes to low price and sell when it recover. By doing this you can take out your initial investment and play with your profit this makes your investment risk free. Once its risk free you can play it anyway you want, hold it for long term like bitcoin. Or you can sell part of it when you free its high and buy when you feel its low. 

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Some Good Coins with Strong Potential Gain in the Long Run (when it drop I buy, when it goes up I sell partially):
Good coins that you can Grab on Binance
BTC (Bitcoin) Mineable, Store of Value
ETH (Ethereum) Smart Contracts, Multicoin Capital Portfolio
ADA (Cardano) Smart Contract, Platform, Staking
BNB (Binance) Binance Exchange Coin, Binance Smart Chain, Multicoin Capital Portfolio.
XRP (Ripple) Medium of Exchange (Banks use it for fast bank transfer)
DOT (Polkadot) Decentralized Finance
SOL (Solana) Platform
MATIC (Polygon) Platform
THETA (THETA) Video Streaming
CAKE (PancakeSwap) Binance Decentralized Finance
HNT (Helium) Hotspot LongFi provider
Nano (NANO) Ultra Fast, Fee-less, Eco-friendly

Gaming Cryptos that comes with Play to Earn
Axies Infinity: Top Blockchain game now that is similar to pokemon combat style
The Crypto Prophecies: Predict the Crypto go up or down.Sign up and get free crypto
Guild of Guardians: One of the top RPG game coming in 2022
The SandBox: Block chain world with NFT and sub games
Space Misfits: NFT asset will bring you income
Star Atlas: MMO in space metaverse
Nestables: Build your NFT World
Fortified: PVP Tower Defense game by Gala Games
22 Racing Series: NFTs Racing Game
Ember Sword: RPG / Peaceful Farmer
Illuvium: creatures and resources are NFT
Mirandus: RPG by Gala Games

Grab at (Price always Pumps when it reach Binance)
MINA (Mina Protocol) Smallest (file size) Block Chain in the world. 
IOI Token (TRADE RACE MANAGER)  Pick your racers and become the richest NFTs trader in the world

Grab at Kucoin (Price always Pumps when it reach Binance)
TEL (Telcoin) Using phone to do funds transfer, everyone with a mobile phone can do fund transfer easily
PDEX (PolkaDex) Peer-to-Peer trading platform, Decentralized Exchange.

Spread your investment on different coins, so if 1 coin 100x it cover all your investment capital. I spread my investment into around 10 to 30 different coins.

When the coin double you can consider taking out your initial capital and let you profit continue to grown and your investment will become riskless. Or take part of the profit to buying into other of these coins that are on discount.

Cryptocurrency guide


Buy Low Sell High

Be Fearful when others are Greedy, Be Greedy when others are Fearful. Don’t chase after a coin at all time high prices, let it dip before buying in. Buy coins with good fundamentals when its at a discount. So there is no fear even if coin prices drop.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. The purchases occur regardless of the asset’s price and at regular intervals. In effect, this strategy removes much of the detailed work of attempting to time the market in order to make purchases of equities at the best prices. Dollar-cost averaging is also known as the constant dollar plan.

Buy and Hold For the Long Term (Years)

You can see from the chart below, that is if you bought Bitcoin at any point in time and hold more than 4 years. You would have been in profit, no matter when or how much you brought the coin for. Basically its saying in the long run price of bitcoin have only been going up. If you need money from your bitcoin take a loan using bitcoin as collateral but never sell it. Stock up more whenever the price is low. So far after every 4 years cycle we have seen higher highs and higher lows, this indicates a long term up trend.

Low Risk Strategy

This Strategy makes you happy when the price increase and also when the price drop.

Demand and Supply of the Coin

Hype: How frequent influencer are talking about these coins in social media, the more frequently mention the more demand
Utility of the coin: How useful is it? Can it be use for Funds Transfer? Can other coin project be build on this Platform?
Speed: When transferring the coin from one wallet to another wallet / exchange, how fast is it? (XRP can transfer in seconds at very low fee)
Store of Value: Like Bitcoin because there is a fix supply of the coin and high demand for the coin its a great store of value
Good White Paper: Well plan coins with great future potential
Good Team: Good Team with experience members and advisors can have higher potential for the coin

If a coin already have high market cap it would be more difficult to move the coin price as it takes more money to shift the coin price. Meaning the price would be more stable and harder to 100x. But it doesn’t mean top coins can’t 100x because the global crypto market cap is still very low and can potentially 100x

It you prefer earning crypto with low risk and high returns, you can consider Crypto Mining. These miners are generating very high Return on Investment. You will likely get back your investment capital in less than a month and start making massive profit within the first month. That why these miners are all out of stock at the moment. Do register and join in the waiting list ASAP. If you managed to get these miners 100x ROI is definitely possible.

Useful Links

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Binance – Largest Crypto Currency Exchange in the world with Low Trading Fee – Buy new coins and coin before it reach Binance and Pumps up

Kucoin – A lot of different coins to purchase

Huobi Global – Get up to $170 Welcome Bonus

Coinbase – Get $10 at you trade $100 on the platform

Gemini – Buy Bitcoin Instantly

Changelly – Fast and secure way to exchange and purchase 150+ cryptocurrencies. 24/7 live-chat support.

Copy Trader

eToro – Copy the top traders in Stocks, FX, Crypto

Earn Interest with your Crypto

BlockFi – Earn 9.3% APY + $250 Bonus with your Crypto Deposits

Crypto Mining

iHub – Potentially Multi X your capital within the first month, get your miner earlier than other provider
See the Miners in Singapore Here
See the Miners in USA Here
See the Miners in Europe Here

Bitcoin Mining – Mine Bitcoin / Ethereum using your computer hash power

Keep Your Crypto Safe in Cold Storage

Ledger Hardware Wallet – Safeguard Your Bitcoin / Crypto

Buy Bitcoin on Discount

Paxful – P2P platform that let you buy low sell high

Bitcoin Lending Platform

Xcoins – Bitcoin lending platform

Discount / Cashback

Shopping Cashback – Enjoy Many Platform Discount 

Cashback Card – Get up to 8% cash back when you use the cashback card

Decentralized Exchange

DexGuru – Swap almost anything

UniSwap – Etherum Network

PancakeSwap – Binance Smart Chain

QuickSwap – Matic Network

Poocoin – Check / Swap Poocoins

How to Stake Crypto

There is 2 ways to stake crypto. the first way is simple just use the stake function in your crypto exchange or the wallet that you are using.  The second way is to use Defi with Yield Farm that requires you to have a Crypto Wallet like MetaMask that store your crypto. When you use the Defi (Decentralized Finance) platform they would allow you to stake a single coin or stake 2 coins together. When you stake 2 coins together you will usually get a much higher APY, we call this staking in the liquidity pool. The Defi would require you to stake 2 coins with the amount that have the same total value, example $100 worth of USDC + $100 worth of ETH. After you have the 2 coins required, you need to select add to liquidity pool, and you will received the LP token. With the LP token you can go back to the Defi platform to stake your LP token. You will increase the amount of LP token you own base on the APY stated. Do note the risk is if there is major change in prices of the coin there will be impermanent loss. What is impermanent loss, if you put $100 worth of USDC + $100 worth of ETH and the ETH value drop by 50%, now to balance the value of both coin the LP will use $25 USDC to buy ETH and now the LP token value is $75 USDC and $75 ETH. The LP token value dropped from $200 to $150. But if the APY is 100% and you grow from 1 LP token to 2 LP token during that 1 year, 2 LP Token X $150 LP token value = $300. 

Defi Yield Farm Auto Compounding (High Risk / High Reward)

Auto Shark – Best crypto for staking get up to 114,600% APY

Beefy Finance – Up to 21,790% APY

RugDoc – Prevent you from getting Rug Pull

Bridge Coin from Different network on MetaMask

AnySwap – Swap between BSC / Matic / FTM

Xpollinate – Swap between BSC / Matic / FTM / xDai

Supra – Swap between BSC / Matic / FTM

EVOdefi – Swap between BSC / Matic

MetaMask Settings

Matic Network use this settings below for faster update:
Network Name: Matic Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Get Free Coins

Matic Supply – Get Some Free Polygon (Matic) so that you can do Matic transaction

Check what the Big Boys are Buying

Messari – you can search Binance Labs Portfolio, Coinbase Ventures Portfolio and Pantera Capital Portfolio to see what coins they are buying and if its a coin all 3 company hold, it would have very good potential. Coins bought by these company with small market cap usually have higher probability to multiple its value.

Check the risk of your coin

CryptoBubbles – check if the coin you own is a bubble that is going to pop.

Events Calendar

Coinmarketcap Calendar – ICO / Airdrop date

Coin Price

Coin Market Cap – Check coin price and ranking

Coin Gecko – Check coin price and ranking

Poocoin – Check Shitcoin Price and chart

DexGuru – Check Defi Coin Price and chart

IDO Launch Pad (Buy New Coins)

Polka Starter – Cross chain IDO Launch Pad

Dao Maker – Growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors

Past IDO Launch –  Check how many times it multiple in value

Free Airdrop Coin

Blockster – Social Network Powering Crypto Join waitlist and earn crypto – Get free coin 

Coinmarketcap Airdrop – Get free coins

Testing Viral Video (Fake or Fact?)

Mobile Mining – Proven to be Fake. For Real Mining Visit iHub – cost around 500USD to mine up to 10 HNT per day HNT price around 15USD+- Super High ROI, use the link to get your miner earlier than other provider.

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